Meet the team: Felix Ecke, Senior Marketing Manager 🇩🇪


👋🏻 Hallo from Felix Ecke
🌎 Wolt Country: Germany
💼 Current role: Senior Marketing Manager
💙 Joined Wolt in August 2020


Tell us about what gets you out of bed every morning. What is the most interesting thing about working at Wolt and about the work you do?
The best and most interesting thing about working at Wolt is collaborating with amazingly talented people everyday. We are growing our teams rapidly, but still manage to add great people in all our markets everyday. By working with great people from all over the world, I am able to learn something new every day!

What keeps you productive and motivated throughout the day? 
Working with an amazing local team which strives to build Wolt as the “app for ordering everything” in Germany 💪🏻

‘Willingness to learn’ is a Wolt value – What did you learn recently that significantly impacted your work?
One thing I have learned over the past weeks and months is to really focus on the most impactful things. When there are so many opportunities to pursue, it’s super important to prioritise those things that really help us grow.

During your time at Wolt, what is something that you are most proud of?
I’m proud whenever I open the Wolt app. It’s great to see the amazing user experience, the great restaurant selection and how we in marketing manage to showcase this to our customers 💙

Why did you join Wolt and what makes you stay at Wolt? 
Wolt is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to help building a company that is here to stay. This is also something that motivated me to join the team and gets me out of bed every morning.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join Wolt?
Be prepared for a great ride! You will be part of a great team that is super motivated to get things done and build a great company. If you are motivated to be a part of this, then Wolt is the company for you.

Which Wolt country is on the top of your bucket list and why? 🌏
Due to Covid, I haven’t been able to visit our HQ in Helsinki yet. That is definitely on the top of my bucket list 🇫🇮

And finally, what is your ‘must try’ dish on Wolt?
Swedish meatballs (Köttbullar) from Möllers Köttbullar in Kreuzberg, Berlin 🤤


So if you’re keen to find out what happens behind the scenes of one of Europe’s fastest growing start ups, come join Felix and our super cool German team! Check out our live jobs today – we can confirm there’s plenty of hands-on learning, awesome colleagues and plenty of good vibes 😎💙