Meet the team: Søren Meier Svendsen , General Manager Denmark 🇩🇰


Hej Fra Søren Meier Svendsen 👋🏻
🌎 Wolt Country: Denmark
💼 Current role: Operations Manager
💙 Joined Wolt in March 2019


Tell us about what gets you out of bed every morning. What is the most interesting thing about working at Wolt and about the work you do?
The most interesting part of my job is the chance to meet and work with a lot of different people inside and outside the Wolt organization. The variation of my calendar gives me a lot of energy: I feel lucky that I get to develop a great organisation in Denmark, collaborate closely with colleagues in Finland and meet external stakeholders to discuss platform economy and labour market development.

What keeps you productive and motivated throughout the day?
It motivates me to get shit done and see how we can positively impact a lot of people with the business we build. We make lifes easier for 100s of thousands of users in Denmark and we generate income possibilites for thousands of partners. For every new customer, courier partner and restaurant partner, we know that we generate good experiences for more people 🙏🏻

‘Willingness to learn’ is a Wolt value – What did you learn recently that significantly impacted your work?
I have recently learned a lot about retail and FMCG as we are looking into more verticals outside restaurant food delivery. So by strategizing with the team, recruiting team mates and talking to potential partners I have learned a lot about groceries and other industries and product categories. This is very inspiring and also brings relevant perspective on our existing business.

During your time at Wolt, what is something that you are most proud of?
I am very proud of our ability to steer through all the uncertainty and chaos when covid-19 lockdowns hit Denmark. So many things to fix and adjust in order to keep the operation going, help our partners and keep employees safe and motivated from home.

Why did you join Wolt and what makes you stay at Wolt? 
I hoped to be challenged, learn and make an impact in an industry that is still very young. And I stay because there is still a lot to try, learn and achieve! 🚀

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join Wolt?
Just do it – but in order to get a position, show us that you are willing to learn new things, but also challenge us so we continue to improve how we do.

Which Wolt country is on the top of your bucket list and why? 
Japan – never had the chance to visit and would be so cool to learn more about the culture and people! 🇯🇵

And finally, what is your ‘must try’ dish on Wolt?
Go for Thai food – to be honest it travels better than burger and fries 😉