5 Wolt life hacks that make your life hell of a lot easier

How to step by step guide on how to use Wolt.

Wolt offers endless possibilities to discover great food and plan your next meals now or in advance. Our quirky app has many tricks stored up for you to discover and bring some ease in your food consumption. That’s why we like to call them hacks!


Hack  1 – Pre-order your meals according to your schedule.

Liis, our CEO is always a busy bee. Her whole day is organized from the early morning hours until the sun goes down. She knows exactly when and where she has to be. Thereby she can not afford herself to wait for her favourite food. Thereby, every morning, she places a pre-order and the courier knocks at the office door precisely when she wanted the food to arrive. And we mean it, having delivered the food on a train, during a 2-minute stop between two cities – you have our guarantee.

Hack Nº 2 – Adding comments for restaurants with your special requests.

André, Customer Support Representative knows how important a precise comment with your dietary requirements or special wishes can be. Whether it comes to having a seafood allergy, hating the taste of cilantro or you would like the restaurant staff to write something cute on the bag – add a comment! What is more, in order for them to notice it 100%, André suggests to add a colorful emoji. For example a blue heart!?

Hack Nº 3 – Using our take-away option if you are on the go.

Harry, Restaurant Partneship Manager is full of energy and he wouldn’t stand still in a bottle. Running between different meetings in order to bring you the the hottest new restaurants, he often eats on the go. What Harry enjoys about using the take-away, is the fact that then he can have a nice conversation with the people working in the restaurant, while checking from the app, in how many minutes is the food ready.

Hack  4 – Forgot your wallet at home – no biggie!

Taali, Customer Support Representative is not a big fan of cash payments, as many people her age. Furthermore, she wouldn’t mind doing everything through her smartphone, including ordering food. As our app runs with in-app payments, she can leave her wallet at home, open the blue icon on her home screen and discover great places around her. PS! You only have to add your bank card(s) once, our app remembers it. All you have to do is to select the food you’re craving for and do you want it to be delivered, grab it with you yourself or dine on the spot.

Hack  5 – Surprise your friends – order them a Wolt delivery.

I like to surprise my friends and loved ones. I think everyone loves a good surprise, especially when it’s something edible. Whether the person that you care about is sick or you want to wish him/her a happy birthday – we have a solution. Even the city doesn’t matter, as long as Wolt delivers in there! Pick the things you want to surprise the person with, whether it to be an awesome cake from Heidi Park, flowers from Peter Boeijkens or a cheese basket from Juustukuningad. We have you covered! All you have to do is add the right delivery address and send a message to our kick-ass customer support (reachable in-app, under your profile settings) stating your friends phone number. Whenever we have a chance, we’ll add something cute from our team as well!

Enjoy the hacks and Wolt on!