Why use Wolt takeaway? Let our users tell you!

During our summer campaign this July, we are offering back 10 % of your total on all non-delivery orders. So what better time to test our takeaway or eat-in options? Ordering takeaway or eat-in is perfect when you’re already out and about and feeling hungry. Takeaway makes things as simple as possible. Scroll through restaurant menus on your phone, forget the lines, and you’ll have your food in front of you in no time!

So how does Wolt takeaway work?

Open the app, find your favorite restaurant or pick a new place to try, decide what to eat and choose “I’ll pick it up myself” or “At the table” before placing your order. Easy as that! The app will tell you when your food is ready for pick up. And during the campaign period, as soon as you have your food in front of you, your credits will automatically appear on your Wolt account. The credits are valid for 30 days and can be used on any of your future orders.

Why should I try it?

Great question! Here are some of the top reasons, as told by our customers.

1. It’s quick

“On busy days I always order my work lunch as takeaway. It saves me over 15 minutes per day when I don’t have to wait around or stand in line. Pictured [below] is my latest, a salad from Roslund.” – Lari

A salad from Roslund.

2. You don’t have to worry about cooking

“I sometimes order food on my way home when I’m too busy or can’t be bothered to cook. Wolt is great for this!” – Jarkka

“I live and work in Kamppi, and there are tons of restaurants here. I often order takeaway in the evening and at lunch time. Picking it up myself is quick and I get more time for deciding.” – Juhani

“When I’m running errands in the city and want to grab a quick dinner I use Wolt’s takeaway. Somehow it’s just super simple and it’s nice that as a busy person I don’t waste time waiting around. My salad or sushi is ready right when I get to the restaurant!” – Sanna-Mari

3. You don’t have to wait in line

“I tend to use Wolt’s takeaway – a gamesaver for hectic days –  a lot when I’m busy after coming back from business trips. It saves a lot of valuable minutes of my free time, not having to wait around in restaurants for my food to finish. Keep up the good work!” – Jere

4. Your food is ready once you get to the restaurant

“I often make a takeaway order when I leave the office, and my food gets prepared while I’m walking home.” – Sebastian

“I have used Wolt’s takeaway a lot more than the delivery. The biggest reason is time. I often order my food for example on my way home from work, and I can pick it up when it suits me. It’s awesome to be able to follow the progress of my order and then skip the lines at the restaurant, especially during lunch time. Saving 20 minutes means more time for other things. Thanks for this, Wolt!” – Siim

5. No fumbling with cards

“In the mornings on my way to work I make an order at Kaffecentralen a little before getting there so that I can just pick up my coffee without waiting in line or fumbling with my card at the cafe.” – Lauri

6. Also great for late night snacks

“Sometimes, well, a little later at night it’s just easier to order my food beforehand and pick up something on the way home without having to wait in line at Fafa’s. This is actually how I first became a Wolt user!” – Lauri

7. Dogs love it, too!

“Takeaways through Wolt have become a pleasant routine for me and my husband, mostly for weekend lunches or light dinners during work weeks. It’s easier to plan your schedule and meals if we don’t plan to cook at home. And Wolt takeaways are always entertaining to our dog – what are we having this time?” – Marina

Takeaway from Fafa's.

Have you already tried Wolt takeaway? Go check out our competition on Instagram as well – by sharing a photo of your next takeaway order with the hashtag #wolttakeaway and @woltapp and you can win €20 in Wolt credits!