Wolt at Work: Save time for the important things

Friday night pizzas

What if you could forget googling different catering services and navigating the various websites and social media pages of restaurants to find menus, prices and opening hours? What if you never had to nip down to the cafe down the street in between appointments and errands to get lunch for the next meeting? This is exactly what Johanna Lönnroth, Employee Experience Manager at Mash has been able to achieve with our new Wolt at Work service.

Mash is a Finnish fintech company founded in 2007 and based in Helsinki. With around 65 employees at the headquarters, Johanna and the rest of Mash’s people and culture team often have their hands full. Organizing refreshments, lunches and afterwork pizzas is just one part of their busy schedule, and it’s all time that could definitely be used up much more efficiently.

“I used to spend ages just searching for different catering services online, or comparing prices and menus and opening hours for local restaurants on their varied websites,” Johanna says. “Then I’d need to run out to pick up the food myself from the restaurants in between all my other meetings and tasks.”

“With Wolt at Work I can save so much time for other work. It’s also super easy to accommodate for all special diets and other wishes.”

Wolt at Work makes a familiar service easy to use in a company setting

Then Johanna got a call from Olli Kaunomäki, Wolt’s Business Partnership Manager, introducing  the new Wolt at Work service that allows easier use of Wolt for companies. “I was immediately intrigued, as I was already an avid user of Wolt in my personal life. I knew the service well and had always found it really easy to use,” Johanna continues.

Johanna has now been using Wolt at Work for four months, usually preordering dishes for meetings that run over lunch time. Occasionally the team at Mash also likes to surprise their customer service department working at a separate office, and orders them some Friday evening pizzas or burgers from Wolt.

“Honestly, with Wolt at Work I can save so much time for other work. It’s also super easy to accommodate for all special diets and other wishes. With just a couple of clicks it’s all taken care of. And there’s such a big variety of food!”

And what is Johanna’s personal favorite? “Fafa’s, of course!”

Find out more about how your company can save time with Wolt at Work at www.wolt.com/wolt-at-work or by contacting Olli directly at olli.kaunomaki@wolt.com.