Introducing the Wolt at Work admin portal – office dining made even easier

Using Wolt is super easy – you just open the app, choose the restaurant and meal you want, and with a quick swipe your food is on it’s way to wherever you are. You might be used to using Wolt at home or with your friends, but what if eating at work was just as easy? Well, it is.

Wolt at Work is our corporate service that easily allows you and your employees to get the best restaurant food in your city delivered right to your office. And with our new admin portal tool, things couldn’t really be simpler. Let us tell you how you can make your life just that much easier with Wolt at Work.

Manage who can make orders – and who has admin access

Perhaps the best part about the tool is how easy it is to manage new users. If you have a new employee that needs to be able to order on behalf of your company, simply send them an email invitation through the admin portal. Once added, the user has the option to choose company invoicing as their payment method at check out when making Wolt orders. Otherwise the ordering process works just the same – your users can use the normal Wolt application, order from all the normal Wolt restaurants and expect the same great user experience as always.

Monitor company orders

But surely you cannot just have people wildly ordering food on your bill whenever they feel like it? Of course not. That’s why we give you a real-time tracking view of all orders within the past 30 days. See who, when and what has been ordered in one easy overview.

Download essential documents for accounting

We know – there’s always tons of invoices to go through, you can never find the correct receipt and it’s difficult to keep a grasp on total spending. That’s why we’ve made it super easy for you to download invoices, receipts and order lists. A click of a button and you have all the essential information, right on your computer screen.

And the rest of our awesome Wolt at Work features

All Wolt at Work orders are gathered into one monthly invoice that is sent right to your email. No need to look for lost receipts and send them to your accountant one by one. And even better – a comment for the accountant can be added to each Wolt at Work order. 

Not a Wolt at Work user yet? Find out more about setting it up for your company at