Test: You can now tip the restaurant on Wolt in Finland

Last week we introduced courier tipping in Finland. This week we are giving you the option to support restaurants by tipping the merchant on the Wolt app. This is a feature that has been requested by many during the coronavirus crisis, when restaurants are fighting for their existence.

While you can add a tip to the courier in the checkout right before confirming your order, you can tip the merchant by adding the item “Tip to the merchant” under “Support this local venue” to your order.

“Tip to the merchant” is the first item on top of each menu.

“Tip to the merchant” is the first item on top of each menu. You can choose the size of the tip by selecting the amount of one euro tips you want to add to your order.

Restaurant tipping will be available in Finland for the duration of the coronavirus crisis. If there is demand, we will make it a permanent feature on the app. As with courier tipping, we are not trying to pressure anyone into leaving a tip. We simply want to offer the option to those who have requested it.

100% of the tip goes directly to the restaurant. The restaurant cannot see who has left a tip, they will only be able to see the total sum of tips in their weekly sales reports. Tipping is only one of many things we are doing to help restaurants through the crisis.

Let’s take care of each other!