Teams can now order together and split the bill with Wolt at Work

Ordering food with your team just got easier.

Order together

You can now split the bill when ordering together with your company invoicing method! No more sending out reimbursement requests or paying back someone else out of your own pocket.

For now, this feature is only available for Wolt at Work customers at Team members can’t use team budgets or company payment methods if you start a group order for your team through the Wolt app.

How it works

1. Choose a restaurant and click “Order together”.

You’ll become the host of your group. Then, you’ll be asked if your company will pay for the order – choose “yes”.

2. Decide where and when the order will be delivered and choose “Split the bill”.

When you split the bill, each participant will use their company payment method to cover the cost of what they’re having. If your company has set a specific budget for team members, the sum of each member’s items is automatically subtracted from their budgets.

The delivery cost is always charged to the host’s payment method.

3. Start inviting your team by sharing the link.

For team members to join the order, they’ll need an existing Wolt account that has been linked to your organisation on Wolt at Work.

4. Each team member chooses their items and confirms their payment method.

Add your items to the order and choose your payment method. Then wait for your team to finish choosing their items. When everyone’s done, send the order and follow it live!

Not a Wolt at Work user yet? Find out more about setting it up for your company here.