Wolt Drive and Kovzy for your business digitalisation ✅

Wolt’s delivery service, Wolt Drive, and the online platform Kovzy, dedicated to helping restaurants digitiase their operations, including the creation of websites and applications, have initiated a collaborative venture. The project’s primary objective is to support small and medium-sized businesses by enhancing their e-commerce capabilities. Restaurants participating in the project will gain access to a wide array of resources and tools. This includes the creation of online stores, payment processing solutions, integrated delivery and customer support services. Furthermore, the use of Wolt Drive will enable them to attract new customers and foster business growth.

Within the joint project of Wolt Drive and Kovzy, cafes, restaurants, and other food merchants now have the opportunity to commence online sales within just one day, completely commission-free. Kovzy will oversee the digitisation of the restaurant and provide all the essential tools and integrated services, while Wolt Drive will ensure the fastest delivery of orders, aiming for a remarkable delivery time of within 30 minutes, directly to the customer’s doorstep.

Restaurants opting for the combined services of WOLT Drive and Kovzy will benefit from several complimentary services and significant advantages, including:

  • Complete E-commerce Website and QR Menu: Upon enrolment in the program, each restaurant will receive a fully functional e-commerce website, a web content management system (CMS), and an integrated QR menu, all within a single day. The program will also cover the fees for the first three months of CMS services.
  • Integrated Online Payments: The online payment system will be integrated into the website, offering the restaurant the flexibility to choose their preferred service bank.
  • Integrated Courier Service: Wolt Drive’s delivery service will be also integrated into the system, and participating merchants will enjoy special conditions.
  • Wolt’s 24/7 World-Class Support Service: Merchants and their customers will have access to Wolt’s exceptional 24/7 support service, known for its top quality with 95% of chats receiving excellent rate and an average first response time of just 53 seconds.
  • Real-Time Order Monitoring: The Wolt Drive platform empowers both restaurants and customers to monitor the order delivery process in real-time.
  • Marketing Tools: The program offers integration with popular social networks and search engines such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google, along with loyalty management tools.
  • Domain Registration: Merchants in need of a domain will receive a complimentary one-year registration for a standard domain in the .ge domain space.

The primary goal of this project is to enable small and medium-sized businesses to leverage the growing trend of e-commerce and online sales for business expansion and income growth, all while operating commission-free.

Joining the project is straightforward. Simply fill out the form on the joint website of Wolt Drive and Kovzy: buildit-woltdrive-kovzy.ge

If you own a cafe, restaurant, bakery, or any other food business, register now and make your business accessible to a broader audience.

Follow the link to register: http://buildit-woltdrive-kovzy.ge/

Wolt Drive, Wolt’s B2B service, offers swift delivery of orders within 30 minutes to any online merchant, platform, or business requiring last mile delivery services. It can be used with or without API integration, accessible through the Wolt Drive web platform.

Since its launch in Georgia in 2022, Wolt Drive has already established itself as a trusted partner for online businesses. It is currently used by over 100 online stores and applications for their delivery needs, including MyGPC, Aversi, PSP, Alcorium, 8000 Harvest, Phubber, Dressup Group, Zoomer, and many others.