Urban eating food dilemmas: solved

It's hard to be: a series of food dilemmas from Wolt

Gone are the days of “eat everything on your plate”. These days, it’s not about how much you eat, but what you eat. You are what you eat has never been more relevant, or more understood. We call it urban eating.

These days, most people not only know what’s in their food. They also know whether that odd protein glueing things together is actually good for their particular body – or not.

It's hard to be: a series of food dilemmas from Wolt

This makes life tricky. You can’t have someone over for dinner these days without asking – “are you gluten free/ lactose free/ vegan/ on a high protein diet”? Because these things matter. It’s hard. And since life is tricky enough, we think that these lifestyle choices should be an easy extension of the way you want to live your best life, and not to over-complicate it.

It's hard to be: a series of food dilemmas from Wolt

And so we at Wolt have decided to make it easier to use tech in, and around, your lifestyle. Introducing: the blog series around urban eating! We’re here to help you to discover great food that you, yes you, can eat every day.

What we’re going to do

We know sizzling hot restaurants; we know just how chic Stockholm is; and we even know the nerdiest tech you’ve never seen. On top of that, we also know the best kept secret dishes – on and off the menus. Like if you ask for baby marrow noodles from Tony’s you can have any pasta carb-free. And pizza joints that can vegan it up for you, and sushi spots with gluten free soya sauce just sitting…waiting. Wishing.

We’re going to combine this inside knowledge into 10 super-easy ultra-tasty lists to recommend the best food that you can actually eat, based on what you can’t.

It's hard to be: a series of food dilemmas from Wolt

Snapshot: the series

We also think food should be fun – a world waiting for you to explore it. Our series will include lactose free, vegetarian, gluten free, high protein, vegan, winter foods, raw foods, budget meals, tapas, and kid-friendly food. We’ll have memes and gifs to match. You can giggle through them and scroll right onto the list of 10 – and start to know what you’re able to order straight out of the Wolt app (and now that we just launched web ordering…in a couple clicks you could get there in browser or on your phone!).

Easy peasy lemon-squeezy.

This will rock

Suddenly, you’ll be wolting “gluten free” easily with the gluten free list – because you started dating that girl who’s gluten intolerant (I’m part of that club) and you’re trying to plan date night (and let me just say – you’ll be getting all the right type of brownie points!). And then, after date night, you can head to “budget” when it’s that time of the month.

It's hard to be: a series of food dilemmas from Wolt
We’re putting the e back in easy and discovery, putting the cheese back on toast, and bringing the romance back to the allergy-sensitive date.

You keep figuring out life; we’ll keep figuring out how to make eating exciting, easy and sinfully delicious.

It's hard to be: a series of food dilemmas from Wolt