Wanted: Summer 2018 engineering and design interns

Help us create the future of food

Our yearly gathering of all Woltians - the Wolt One.

Would you like to work with the latest and greatest in tech, building meaningful experiences with a hint of delight? We are looking for enthusiastic minds to help us build up Wolt products for everyone involved: our 500 000+ customers, 1000+ restaurants, and 1500+ courier partners.

Wolt is more than just a food delivery operation – in fact we are built upon a solid foundation of state-of-the-art technology. Our internal tooling enables us to ramp up new cities efficiently and provide excellent customer service, our own logistics platform allows us to optimise our couriers’ work to get you the food you want as fast as possible, and our restaurant platform allows restaurants to offer exciting food experiences for our customers in an optimal way.

And of course our award-winning mobile applications as well as wolt.com allow for easy and delightful customer experiences and efficient fixing of hunger.

Join us for an epic summer!

This summer we are hiring coders and designers to help us build the next generation of Wolt Product. We want you to bring in fresh ideas and passion for food and technology – we’ll provide the rest!

It may seem like Wolt is relatively simple from the outside, but it looks a whole lot different from our point of view!

Our data team helps us understand our business

Analytics team

Wolt acts as a real-time marketplace connecting customers, restaurants, and courier partners. As you can imagine, we collect a ton of data from multiple sources and spend a great deal of time surveying these data sources to identify what value they could help us build as new features, or improve existing ones.

We want to build data products that help enhance the user experience of our customers and partners, as well as help create a deeper understanding within the company of the economics and dynamics of the different cities we operate in.

How do we do all this? We have an open data culture and work every day to improve the way we store and utilize our data using a variety of tools to get the job done.  

In Wolt’s data and analytics team you get to work with exciting insights such as personal meal recommendations, automated reporting for the different roles within our company, and more relevant and less intrusive marketing automation workflows. 

Our Customer and Marketplace teams make the complex look simple

A little delight goes a long way

Deciding what to eat can be hard, so the main task of our customer team is to make it easy and fun. We are very proud of our apps which have won multiple awards for great design. Everything starting from user’s registration and continuing to order tracking needs to be a seamless and well-thought-out experience. The magic behind our apps is focus on small details and making sure that every pixel is perfect.

Most Wolt orders are made through our Discovery view that features great nearby restaurants and has articles about the latest food trends in your city. Restaurants can have daily or weekly specials and other campaigns, like free delivery. The mission of our marketplace team is to keep it running and make Wolt a great place both for restaurants and customers. Behind the scenes we are constantly working on new ways for our users to discover food, like personal recommendations.

Technology can be complex and it requires skill to hide that behind a beautiful user interface. In Wolt’s Customer and Marketplace teams you will have a possibility to work with top Android, iOS, Web, and Backend developers to solve very interesting problems. It is not always easy, but it sure is rewarding. We have awesome customers (e.g. check Wolt & Friends FB group) who love our apps and are not afraid to give feedback how to make things even better.

Our platform team makes all the couriers run on time

Everything is better with Vim and 4 way split

When the order arrives to our system, our fully automated logistics platform is responsible for connecting the customer, restaurant, and the courier to form the most optimal experience for all of them – in real time. The problems our platform solves range from how to optimize which courier should pickup and deliver which orders and the order in which to complete them, to when the courier will be at the restaurant so we can have the food ready and optimally warm at the right time, and many others.

Our operations team is monitoring and reacting to possible problems (e.g. our courier partner’s car breaks down) in real time through our internal tools. At the same time we communicate to all of our couriers where the next drop off is via our courier partner app built with React Native.

Needless to say the logistic platform, internal tools, and courier partner app have to work seamlessly together so that we can achieve the service level that our customers expect from us.

 How is it to work at Wolt?

We work in small teams with high ownership, with each team focusing on a key area of the Wolt product stack (as outlined above). Each and every one of our product team members has a say in where we are going and what solutions we implement. We work with a passion, but we haven’t forgotten how to have fun along the way!

We believe in us. We hope you do too.

Welcome to Wolt!

Apply now!

We don’t require prior work experience from our summer interns, but we want you to complete a task for us in order the find the right matches for the right positions, or demonstrate your skills in some other way you see fit.

There are two tasks: one for developers, and one for designers. You can alternatively apply by sending us your previous hobby projects or other demonstration of your skills (github repo etc.)

Developer task

Designer task

Send us your resume and cover letter (if you have such) with the task (or other skill demonstration). We are eager to hear what part of Wolt you would be interested in!

The applications will be considered at least until 12th of March 2018.

We await your applications eagerly at summerjobs@wolt.com.