EU law will affect how you pay with Wolt starting Sep 14

Mobile and online payments due to change on September 14th, 2019 – In other words, what the heck is the PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) directive and what does it mean for online payments? 

PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication refers to a new EU-wide regulation that comes into full effect on September 14th. This means that strong customer authentication becomes mandatory (with some exceptions) for all payments done on the internet within the European Union. The goal of the new directive is to make online payments more secure, and prevent fraud. Every online purchase above €30 and every 6th purchase will require so-called “3D authentication”. 

What does this mean on Wolt? 

When you swipe or click to order on the Wolt app, you might need to take extra steps to prove your identity to the bank. These steps depend on your bank and their technical readiness for the new regulation. The new “3D authentication” is done to make sure it’s actually you making purchases online. New banking apps, additional passwords, and fingerprint verification are some of the 3D authentication methods. 

The team here at Wolt unfortunately can’t influence what exactly the banks require you to do. We recommend checking how your bank is implementing the new legislation, and also following their instructions. Depending on each bank / payment provider, you might need to install additional apps, fingerprint identification, etc. Your bank’s website should have information available, so do make sure you have the correct authentication methods already set up or do so before Saturday. This way you can continue using Wolt and other apps as effortlessly as possible.

More security is great! But have patience <3

The new regulation does have its problems. Strong customer authentication means that making an order on Wolt might become harder and slower. The actual purchase and authentication flow depend on each bank and payment provider. If additional verification for a purchase is needed, you might, for example, be directed from the Wolt app to your bank’s mobile security app, and once verification there is completed, you will return back to Wolt.

Try these out

We also recommend trying the newer breed of payment methods, like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and Mobile Pay in Finland or Denmark. These payment providers are already compliant with the new directive. Paying for Wolt orders with these apps will still offer the same easy way of paying. If your bank supports these methods, consider setting those up.

If you have issues and cannot complete a payment, we recommend trying a different credit card or payment method from a different bank or issuer. If you have an American Express for instance, try giving that a go.

Update your Wolt app please!

Please make sure you have the latest version of the Wolt app to use our latest features, and to keep using the same easy way of paying. We’ve recently, just to mention a few, improved the way the app shows the temporary closings in the cities, improved the delivery address selection, fixed tons of bugs and made the app smoother and more stable. It’s honestly worth updating!

For more info about the directive, please visit European Central Bank’s website here: