We’re building new tech hubs to Stockholm and Tel Aviv – and we want you to join our team 💙

I’m so happy that I can finally share the news with you, and officially kick off our recruitment. We’ve just opened new positions in both cities that some of the most talented people in our field call home. Our future teammates, we can’t wait to meet you and welcome you.

Before I dive into details about the work itself, let’s first focus on the why.

From Berlin to date – and beyond

A little bit over a year ago, we launched our first bigger tech hub outside Helsinki. We as a company were diving into the complexity that comes with delivery of everything – from logistics to the user experience – and were racking our brains about how to seize the amazing opportunities at scale.

We thought the best way was to find more brilliant people. The challenge at the time? Covid did not make moving around easy, nor did everyone want to live in Helsinki. (It’s a great city though!)

Today, we already have 120+ product people in Berlin. In 20/20 hindsight, having a more flexible setup was a very good decision despite being a little bit scary – one that has radically improved our capability to move the needle and make the service better for our 20+ million customers and hundreds of thousands of partners in 23 countries.

So, that leads us to today’s announcement. While we have been taking big steps to get almost anything delivered to a customer’s doorstep in about 30 minutes, we’re still just getting started with unlocking the full potential. That’s why we’re now looking to speed up recruitment and build a more diverse set of specializations in our product organization. 

Interested? Keep reading!

Not another satellite office – you’ll be a crucial part of shaping Wolt

Our new hubs will be made up of many teams from software and data engineers to product managers and designers, plus so much more. We’re on a mission to keep pushing for an industry-defining experience with delivery of everything and to do that, we need more talented people to help us build world-class solutions and solve complex problems across business lines.

So you might be wondering what are the actual problems we are looking to solve… Besides the exciting day-to-day stuff, this is what we see ahead:

  • Optimizing real-time logistics 📈. With hungry customers, busy restaurants, eager couriers, and the hectic world of retail, there are lots of interesting complex problems to solve. For example, there are models for us to build to accurately predict and optimize the deliveries. Our teams are working on interesting problems to do with automating processes and optimizing logistics throughout the Wolt experience.
  • Expanding into new domains 🚀. We started with ten restaurants eight years ago, and have since grown to partner with tens of thousands of restaurant and retail partners. Expanding into retail, building a subscription program (Wolt+), along with our future plans means there are loads of untapped, greenfield areas and domains to be built from scratch.
  • Providing a world-class customer experience for all our customers 💙. We’re known for providing a world-class customer experience, as our local support teams answer in-app messages from our customers and partners in under 2 minutes globally. And that’s real humans answering in the local language in any of our 23 countries. As we scale, we’re working hard to provide our support team with the most efficient tools and to create a more customized experience for our customers. And much more. Our ambition is to make Wolt a great experience not just for the customers who order through us but also for our restaurant retail and courier partners, as well as our teammates working at Wolt.
  • Building a mature and resilient platform 💪. To accommodate for the hyper-growth of serving millions of customers across various markets and releasing new products, we’re putting a lot of focus on maturing our platform. We’re on a journey to move to a distributed systems design to increase our platform’s resilience, and this has some meaty projects to work on.

While we continue to grow, we maintain high levels of ownership and trust 

In spite of our product organization being over 500-people and 60-team strong, there are things we’re not willing to compromise on. High levels of ownership and trust are prime examples.

Product development done the Wolt way, means setting up our teams into small key customer groups so that we are able to work cross-functionally and autonomously in the most efficient way possible.

What does that look like in practice? You can read our blog about how we work 👉 ‘How we build beautiful products, the Wolt way’.

Join us – this might be the ride of your life

Our people in Product Development can choose where they work – whether it’s remotely across the 5 countries (Finland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia), within our dedicated tech hubs (Helsinki, Berlin, Tel Aviv and Stockholm), or a hybrid of both.

While the pandemic forced many companies, including us, to figure out a remote working model, we’re glad that it’s here to stay and has allowed us to give the option of a more flexible working model for our people. We like the hybrid model that allows for people to work remotely, with access to our wonderful offices, not to forget the importance of meeting people you work with face to face. We always aim for flexibility and the best support for our people at Wolt. We hope you’ll join us 💙

We’re hiring! See our open roles at  wolt.com/jobs.

Niilo works as the CTO at Wolt. Wolt’s product organization is a collection of all competences and teams that make up the engineering, design, data & analytics and product management of Wolt. We’re the people who build, maintain and advance all the applications, services, tools and infrastructure that is Wolt.