Wolt continues to stand with the people of Ukraine

Today, we reach the sad 1-year mark since Russia attacked Ukraine. We continue to stand with the people of Ukraine who are continuing to go through incredible hardship. To help, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to donate to humanitarian relief organizations. 

We’re continuing to collect donations for humanitarian relief organizations. We will transfer 100% of the donations to the local charities. Last year, Wolt customers donated over 800,000 euros to the people of Ukraine by making donations through our app.

We at Wolt continue to be deeply saddened by the actions of the Russian government in Ukraine, which are in clear violation of international law and against what Wolt stands for as a company. Our thoughts are with everyone who is touched by this conflict, especially with the estimated 8 million people who have left their country.

In addition to other efforts, we also wanted to show solidarity to Ukrainians by making the Wolt app available in Ukrainian. We are rolling out the translated version of Wolt during March. The Wolt app automatically works in the language of a customer’s phone. So, if your phone is set into Ukrainian, the Wolt app will also be in Ukrainian once the translated version is out. 

Please help if you can 

In addition to the charity in our app, we’ve listed below different organizations that are helping the people in Ukraine.