Meet Nirajan, a Master’s student, family man and Wolt courier partner

Balancing life, studies, and work in Finland as a Wolt partner

Being a parent isn’t easy, and neither is earning an advanced degree. Add a full-time job to the mix, and you’ve got a high-stakes juggling act.

This is the daily challenge faced by Nirajan T., who moved to Finland 12 years ago from Nepal. The challenge is made simpler, however, thanks to the flexibility of being a Wolt courier partner.

When Nirajan was preparing to begin a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication at the University of Jyväskylä, he needed a way to earn money in a flexible way that suits his schedule. So, in 2019, he became a Wolt partner, and has appreciated that aspect of his job ever since.

“You choose when you want to work, how long, how much you want to earn on a given day. I like being able to decide this for myself.”

It’s especially helpful, Nirajan says, in making it possible for his wife to work according to her job’s schedule while also accommodating the school and hobby itineraries of their two children.

“My eldest daughter loves playing basketball, and the younger one loves swimming and visiting new places. It’s great that I can make time to support those things.”

Now that he has completed all of the coursework for his Master’s degree, Nirajan looks forward to a new kind of flexibility. He may stay in Finland to pursue his career, but could choose to return to Nepal with his family, where his parents still live.

“Everything has pros and cons. The important thing is what you choose to look for. If you concentrate on the positive things in front of you, it makes it easier to get where you want in your life.”

Nirajan has honed this perspective while maintaining a personal blog in his native Nepalese for over a decade, which he uses to introspect on his experiences and observations.

“Of course I have the dream to do something big with my life, but Wolt has given me a great avenue to continue studying and to organize my life in a way that suits me at the moment.”

Whether you encounter Nirajan on your doorstep with a Wolt delivery or find yourself opposite him in an online chess match, you’ll meet someone with an easy smile and plenty of wisdom to share.