Meet Sandra, an entrepreneur and Wolt courier partner with a green thumb

Juggling is just a way of life for this working mother from Estonia

Sandra M. is constantly on the move as a university student, a small business owner, and the mother of a six-year-old. At her countryside home, she also takes care of the household and cultivates a large garden. But for her, working as a Wolt courier partner isn’t another chore to worry about, it’s a key piece of the lifestyle she’s intentionally crafted for herself.

“I manage everything on the go, sometimes very creatively. It does require some juggling, but I’m used to it.”

It’s not a carefree lifestyle, but Sandra refuses to see challenges as anything other than opportunities.

“I’m not one of those people who worries too much or views life as a struggle,” she says.

Having an income is vital, but so is flexibility. When she isn’t spending time with her child, working in the garden, or managing her screen printing business, being a Wolt partner allows Sandra to earn money according to her own needs and schedule.

“When I was employed, I took breaks when I could, not when I wanted to. With the Wolt platform, I take a break whenever I need one by just turning off the app. And unlike a traditional job, I don’t need to inform anyone whether I will be online doing deliveries or not.

Sandra’s outlook is an inspiration to the people around her, but her confidence is tempered with hard-earned wisdom. And without the personal meaning that her lifestyle helps to create and sustain, she imagines life would be boring.

“I don’t focus on problems, I look for solutions. But I also know when to ask for help.”

If you cross paths with her, you’ll notice that in addition to herbs and vegetables, Sandra likes to cultivate goodwill, always making time for a greeting, or to hold a door open for a stranger.

“I call these human gestures,” she says with a smile. “The world could use more of them these days.”