Meet Oscar, a high school student who started to partner with Wolt to buy a new phone

Wolt as an avenue for independence and learning

Oscar has a lot going on for someone who is only 19. As he finishes high school and prepares for assignment to mandatory Finnish military training, he also spends hours each week planning and leading activities for the local sea scout troop, which is part of the national water rescue service. 

In addition, Oscar is a confirmation camp group leader, an aspiring entrepreneur, and a fluent speaker of Finnish, Swedish, and English — with a little bit of German under his belt, too. 

Leadership, including setting a good example for his five younger brothers and sisters, is a passion for Oscar, who plans to become a reserve military officer before going on to study business and finance at university. 

So where does Wolt fit in? 

“I’ve been a Wolt courier partner for almost a year-and-a-half, and it’s the perfect earning opportunity for me right now. The ability to swipe and be online, ready for work, really suits my busy schedule. And, it gives me the independence I need.” 

Oscar started working as a Wolt partner when he was saving up to buy a new phone, but now, he really values the flexibility and financial leverage he has from working. The work can also be pretty fun, he adds. 

“I remember making a big delivery to a famous Finnish artist, and even though I can’t say who it was, that was pretty cool. I also sometimes end up delivering food to my friends or people I know, which is always a fun surprise.” 

Having fun isn’t what he likes most about Wolt, though. Instead, it’s having work that supports his goals in life. 

“I do like teamwork, but being a Wolt partner, I’m forced to be responsible for my own decisions. And just like being a scout leader, and similar to what I’ll get out of military service, it’s great leadership training that I get free of charge.”

Through Wolt, he’s earning money, experience, and perspective. And like Oscar says, “Who wouldn’t want that?”