Meet Ragnar, a bartender-turned-courier who embraces the randomness of living

For a people person, Wolt has paved a pathway of contentment

Life often takes dramatic turns at unexpected moments. That’s the way Ragnar, a Wolt courier partner in Estonia, found work — and also a partner — that he loves. 

“I was working as a bartender on a Tallink ship. My partner worked on the same ship but during a different shift. One day, she ended up on my shift, and her computer quit working. I offered to fix it, and that’s where our story started.” 

Luckily, this meeting happened when it did, as Ragnar’s career behind the bar came to a close not long after when chronic problems with his wrist prevented him from working. Another rewarding turn of events was just around the corner, though. 

“After the cruise ship, I was looking for new opportunities. I considered becoming a taxi driver, but a former colleague was a Wolt courier partner and encouraged me to try it out. Almost five years later, here I am!”

A self-proclaimed “people person,” Ragnar enjoys the social aspect of being a courier partner, as well as the flexibility which allows him to travel. He’s lived in Australia and visited Bali, and now looks forward to taking longer holidays with the whole family. When at home, he likes to stay on the move with Wolt. 

“I spend a lot of time making deliveries. It’s so easy to log in and be active. I also like that Wolt is so easy to communicate with. Any problem that comes up, the customer support helps sort it out immediately.”

Ragnar himself is easy-going and easy to please. 

“A full stomach has always been enough to keep me happy. And these days, the wife, the son, the mother, the father … if they are all healthy and happy, then so am I.”

Still, he knows that life is full of twists and turns. Sometimes, in fact, it’s the purely unexpected things that Ragnar appreciates about delivering. 

“A few years ago, I accepted an order to deliver a single water bottle. After picking it up, I realized the destination was in the very same building, three floors up. I took the lift up, handed over the water, and that was it. I still get a laugh thinking about that one.”