Meet Dimitris, the multitasking football father and Wolt courier partner

If you were to search for an encyclopedia entry on multitasking, you’d likely stumble upon a picture of Dimitris.

With a tourism and graphic arts background, he embodies the epitome of today’s flexible workforce. For the last 15 years, he has seamlessly balanced the roles of sales manager and delivery driver.

But behind every delivery is a human story, and for Dimitris, that story is about family.

“My children are still at an age where they need me, and I, in turn, feel the need to be close to them. While work is important, nothing compares to spending time with my children. I didn’t want to miss out on that.”

Thanks to the freedom of freelancing, Dimitris can be there for his children while earning an extra income with Wolt.

“This lifestyle allows me to have free time when I want. My family and I like going to football games and traveling in Greece and abroad. I want my children to gain new experiences and see new things up close.”

Dimitris’ journey with Wolt started with a mix of excitement and nervousness.

“I still remember the first order I went to pick up. I was so anxious that I arrived early at the restaurant and just waited there! I wanted — and still want — everything to be perfect for the customer, so it is very important for me to deliver every order on time. Now, I know Athens like the back of my hand.”

And not only Athens. Dimitris’ partnership with Wolt has expanded to other cities in Greece.

“Due to my job in sales, I often travel outside of the Attica region. I then inform the Wolt team and do deliveries in the city I am traveling to for the days I am there. That way I don’t lose that extra income.”

However, weekends are dedicated 100% to family.

“We love to take short trips and go to the movies, and of course, we never miss a football match on TV or in person!”

As for what the future holds, “there are many plans, from making big family trips to starting something of my own professionally. The only thing certain is that the side hustle with deliveries will be part of my daily life.”

Once a multitasker, always a multitasker.