Meet Kervin, football club manager and Wolt courier partner

Recognizing a new benefit of Wolt — physical therapy!

For physical education teacher and school recreation leader Kervin K., being physically active is a huge part of life. Five years ago, however, a knee surgery threatened that lifestyle, limiting his ability to move and train the way he wanted. Besides being a way to earn money on the side, Kervin saw Wolt as an opportunity to keep up his fitness and regain a sense of freedom he’d lost. 

“I wanted to start moving as soon as possible after the operation, and being a courier partner in Tartu, Estonia, was a very good solution. In the beginning, I rode an average of 100 kilometers a day, and within the first ten days, I had ridden more than 1,000.” 

No longer limited in his activities, Kervin nonetheless hasn’t considered giving up his work as a Wolt courier partner. For him, courier work is a perfect addition to an already impressive schedule that includes not only working at two schools but also helping to manage the football club he created — the Jõgeva Wolves — and providing life skills training at Spinn, a non-profit organization that supports young people in developing socially.

“Now I deliver both by car and by bike. I like the fact that I can always open my app and start earning an income. If I had more time, I would do it more often.”

Kervin is passionate about keeping busy and being around other people. The Wolt courier partner network has even served as a recruitment ground for the Wolves, with Kervin having gained at least one member for the club from among his Wolt courier partner colleagues. 

“I don’t need much to make me happy. I mainly enjoy seeing other people do well … and the football club. I created it from scratch, and after ten years, it has around 200 members. In a way, it’s like my own child.”