Meet Dávid, a passionate gamer and one of Hungary’s speediest courier partners

For Dávid, Wolt is more than just work

What does it take to be the best courier partner in the whole city? Dávid knows a thing or two about it, having recently placed just second in a courier competition in Győr, Hungary, where he works as a Wolt courier partner. For him, it’s about problem-solving.

“Every day is a new challenge, a task to be solved. For example, when it’s raining heavily, there are certain streets I don’t go to because the bike wheels are very slippery on wet pavement. On a dry summer day, I might take a completely different route.”

It’s simple but smart, and emblematic of Dávid’s overall approach to working — and to life. 

“Whatever the work I do, I like to keep it logical and simple. I really enjoy being a Wolt courier partner because I have total control over when and how much I work, meaning I can always plan ahead how many hours I will put in that week and what I want to earn. I can go online and offline at any time, and easily coordinate with the other stuff I’m doing.”

That “other stuff” is often gaming at the Bar of Legends esports venue in Győr, where Dávid is a frequent guest — to the point that his photo can be found front and center at the regulars’ table. Besides playing games, you might find him there socializing and plotting his next real-life move, like when he recently decided to get his driving license and upgrade from delivering via bicycle to a car. 

Still, life doesn’t always unfold according to the kind of logic and predictability that Dávid prioritizes, and that’s something he also appreciates, like when a Wolt delivery includes something unexpected. 

“Sometimes I make deliveries to families and end up getting small gifts from the children. For instance, I have a drawing from a little girl of herself, her parents, and a courier — and to this day, I’ve also kept a piece of chocolate that another child gave me.”

Working as a Wolt courier partner has helped enable this ideal set of experiences for Dávid — consistency and autonomy on the one hand, and the beauty of randomness on the other. 

“I’d miss this way of life,” he says. “It’s more than just work.”