Meet Inga, a passionate runner balancing her day-to-day life with Wolt

Inga, 41, believes that with small gestures, we can change the mood of those around us, so why not do it?

“To me, every order, every journey is unique. When I see the eager looks of little children peeking behind their parents, I feel that I’m not just delivering an order but an experience.”

Inga came to Greece 24 years ago at the age of 17 and has managed to build her life there, creating her own family and community. 

“It wasn’t always easy, but my loved ones supported me steadily and selflessly.”

Seeking the perfect balance between professional and personal life, Inga started partnering with Wolt three years ago. 

“I never imagined doing this job. I usually saw men working in this sector, so I thought it wouldn’t suit me. However, I loved it since day one! I enjoy being able to choose the hours and days I want to work, depending on my schedule and needs. I feel like I belong to a community that supports and listens to me.”

For Inga, balance in her life is paramount. So, each day starts with a run in the streets of Athens. 

“Running is a habit I discovered during a difficult period for me, and I haven’t let it go since. It offers me the calmness and vitality I need to start my day! I believe you can have it all. You just need to find the right balance.”