Meet Mohammad, a father who cherishes the freedom of entrepreneurship

Wolt partnership helps Mohammad put family first

For Mohammad, work-life balance is not a benefit, it’s a necessity. Despite being open to many career opportunities, Mohammad previously struggled to find one that allowed him the time and freedom he needed to devote to his family, including his two young daughters. Becoming a Wolt courier partner has finally helped him make it happen. 

“Learning Finnish, going to school, becoming an entrepreneur; life in Finland has been an adventure. I’m happy to be where I am now.” 

Mohammad is kind, energetic, and especially ambitious. From pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental Science to owning a restaurant in Pasila, with many jobs in between, he has always maintained a high standard of personal achievement. He also wasted no time in gaining Finnish citizenship along the way. 

“Any job or any goal that is worthwhile will bring joy as well as challenges,” he says. “Sometimes you take away a lot of good memories, and other times it is more about the lessons that you learn.”

Colleagues and others have called Mohammad inspirational, a characterization he appreciates, but stays humble about. According to him, living a good life is always about putting family first — a principle that has guided him down a career path full of twists and turns. 

Today, he’s found a balance that allows him to prioritize his children and family while maintaining dependable sources of income. In addition to making deliveries as a Wolt courier partner, he drives a taxi several days per week. He cherishes the flexibility and independence that these offer. 

If you walk by the sea or lakeside on the weekend, you might bump into Mohammad fishing with his daughters — a pastime he loves and is grateful for being able to fit into his schedule. It doesn’t matter if they catch anything, it’s all about the time spent together.

“Children can be a challenge, too. But the joy side can’t be compared.”