Meet George, a biker on and off duty

George’s day begins on his motorcycle.

“I am a free spirit. I like having my independence and being behind the wheel of my own life. I like being able to decide what I want to do every day.”

George is 29 years old, born in Albania, but moved to Greece at a very early age. He has a son who lives in Thessaloniki with his mother.

“My priority is always my family. I want to be there for my child, study, talk about our day… it’s very important for both of us.”

How does George describe his experience at Wolt? 

“I started my partnership with Wolt because of friends. They were ‘veteran’ Wolt Partners, who advised me to make this step, believing it would suit me and add value to my everyday life. I am very grateful to these guys because discovering this path alone would have taken a long time without them. We make a great team!” 

Before Wolt, George was a bartender for many years. When he became a father, he got into the delivery sector to be closer to his child. 

“The flexibility of freelancing allows me to spend time with my child and engage in my hobbies and interests.” 

In his free time, George enjoys going for rides on his motorcycle. 

“I enjoy the feeling of freedom, being just you and your bike, away from anything else. I try to go on trips all year round, either to ski resorts in winter or to waterfalls and beaches in summer. These little trips make me better also at my work because I get to relax and spend time with my loved ones. I wouldn’t change it for anything!”