Meet László, a “bat mode” courier with a penchant for speed

Staying “on the move” is key for this Hungarian archer and designer 

Miskolc’s steep and winding streets can be challenging to navigate at night. But for László, the darkness only adds to the thrill. Riding his motorbike, he finds himself in tune with a kind of nocturnal energy. 

“Delivering at night is completely different. Roads are imperfect, and housing numbers are harder to find. I like to say that you have to go into ‘bat mode.’”

This is the kind of thing László, who rarely takes time to sit still, really enjoys. He doesn’t just do it for the money, he says, already working full-time as a typesetter and graphic designer. Instead, he likes to keep moving. 

“I don’t like sitting at home, watching TV. I previously worked as a photojournalist, but when Covid came, there were fewer events to photograph, so I started looking for new opportunities. Visiting Budapest, I saw a courier or bike messenger whizzing by every fifteen seconds, and I decided that was something I wanted to do.” 

This passion for speed and efficiency is evident in how he approaches working as a courier. His motorbike features a unique cage for holding Wolt bags (one-of-a-kind in Miskolc, László says), and his helmet is equipped with a phone connection so that he never has to take it off while working, preferring to shave extra seconds off his deliveries. 

For some, László’s schedule would be tiring, but for him, it’s a lifestyle he loves. 

“As a designer, I sit a lot during the day. Doing deliveries is tiring in a different way, but the physical part actually recharges me in a way. They are very complementary!”

On weekends, he takes a break, spending time with his teenage daughter. Still, they stay active, often practicing archery together. Then, László, who is a member of an archery association, lets the arrows fulfill his need for speed. By Monday, he’s ready for another work week. 

“I was really delighted to become a Wolt courier partner. And as long as Wolt is in Miskolc, I’ll probably keep this up.”