Meet the team: Lenka Kmeťová, Restaurant Partnership Team Lead 🇨🇿


👋🏻 Hello from Lenka Kmeťová
🌎 Wolt Country: Czechia
💼 Current role: Restaurant Partnership Team Lead
💙 Joined Wolt in July 2019


Tell us about what gets you out of bed every morning. What is the most interesting thing about working at Wolt and about the work you do? What gets me up in the morning is the notion that every day is a brand new day to grow. I’m one who loves to beat my own personal goals and objectives. Being able to wake up, challenge myself and see the rewards of succeeding is extremely gratifying. As the Sales Managers Team Lead at Wolt I focus mainly on coaching and optimising my sales team but I also have the opportunity to collaborate cross-departmental to improve internal processes, create sales enablement tools and weigh-in our go-to market strategy.

What keeps you productive and motivated throughout the day? 🤓
My morning routine helps me set the tone for the day and allows me to better control my schedule. Wake up early, exercise, meditate, no phone for the first hour, breakfast and I am all set for a brand new wonderful day working at Wolt ☀️ As I start each day fresh, I can better focus on what is in front of me, where to prioritize my time, and ultimately, increase my productivity.

One of our values is around the ‘Will to learn’ – What did you learn recently that significantly impacted your work?
I’m in love with Wolt because here we have opportunity to learn something new everyday. The ability for me to feel as though I am newly alive in this world by refreshing my perspective on something I haven’t seen before or educated myself on something I previously was unaware of. I truly feel alive when that happens!

During your time at Wolt, what is something that you are most proud of?
This whole journey here has been amazing – people I work with alongside the opportunities I have been given since starting as a Support Associate. Within a year I was leading our sales department. I was working really hard and our management allowed me to take more and more ownership. People in our company are so inspiring that it simply pushes you to work harder and learn something new everyday. I can not express my gratitude for the fact that I won the Wolt Award for Ambition (one of our Wolt values). People who voted for me are acknowledging my commitment to our company and this has just proven to me that I chose the right company to work in.

Why did you join Wolt and what makes you stay at Wolt?
I absolutely love the people I work with, and I love what I do.
Being part of this company makes me feel special. Our culture and values are something that every human being should live up to. Heart, kindness, willing to learn and teach is the collective thinking and behaviour of this company. 💙

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join Wolt?
You are never too young or too old to dream big. No one can limit you to dream big except you. Don’t make excuses for dreaming big. Believe in yourself because there is something bigger and greater in you than any difficulty or struggle outside of you. Achieve your dreams by setting goals. Also be patient, remain firmly committed to your dreams. Remember that perseverance is key, no dreams happen overnight and without any effort. You have to stay focused and constantly moving to make your dreams come true 🌟
(Yes I am the one with motivational speeches 😁)

Which Wolt country is on the top of your bucket list and why? 🌏
Awesome things all packed into a tiny country-Israel.
Colorful festivals and events. Delicious Israeli food.
The food in Israel is fresh, tasty and healthy.
Fresh fruit juice, eggs, salad, cheese, falafel, hummus and shwarma. And as a crossroad country, Israel offers amazingly diverse cuisines from Jewish to Palestinian to Turkish and even Thai or Mexican in the streets of Tel Aviv.

And finally, what is your ‘must try’ dish on Wolt?
My guilty pleasure is smash burger. Do yourself a favor though and ask for them to make it “two-slice thick” 🤤


So if you’re keen to find out what happens behind the scenes of one of Europe’s fastest growing start ups, come join Lenka and our super cool Czech team! Check out our live jobs today – we can confirm there’s plenty of hands-on learning, awesome colleagues and plenty of good vibes 😎💙