Meet the team: Vedad Kurtović, Restaurant Development Team Lead 🇨🇿


👋🏻 Hello from Vedad Kurtović
🌎 Wolt Country: Czechia
💼 Current role: Restaurant Development Team Lead
💙 Joined Wolt in May 2018


Tell us about what gets you out of bed every morning. What is the most interesting thing about working at Wolt and about the work you do?
Hopefully this won’t sound cheesy (mmmm, cheese…🧀) but I wake up every morning with a desire to see what the new day has prepared for us. I check Woltwide news, learning channels, see what is happening in our other cities and countries. Crunch some numbers here and there to see how we are doing locally. And of course meet my team – I get so much energy back from them whenever we discuss how they are doing, what new things we are about to start or stuff we need to finish and get better hold of. Frankly speaking, there are rarely 2 same days at Wolt, you cannot really say you have periods of this or that. The only constant is change – and speed 💨

What keeps you productive and motivated throughout the day? 🤓
Forget fancy time management tools. Up-to-date calendar is all you need! 📅 My team and their activities are things that gets me going so I often forget what’s the time or day around me, haha! No but in all seriousness, Wolt is a living network full of amazing people that have strong sense of ownership and desire to achieve something higher. You never get bored here, it is constantly learning something new, trying new things, new projects. The sheer speed of doing stuff is fascinating and gets you moving, like a tornado! 🌪 However, I cannot picture my day without some good coffee and food, simple as that 😊

‘Willingness to learn’ is a Wolt value – What did you learn recently that significantly impacted your work?
As I said earlier, you always learn something new. However, what stuck with me is need to let people decide how they want to do things. I found out it is counter-productive to be everywhere and know everything – Woltians are immensely curious, smart and ambitions people that it is better to coordinate projects instead of leading them from A to Z.

During your time at Wolt, what is something that you are most proud of?
Tricky one 🤔 As of recent, definitely building the dream team we have in place now. Blast from the past: a launch of Bratislava, that was a huge project and a big learning experience. But in all honesty, I think it is the whole Wolt Czechia that makes me proud: how far we have gotten, given the fact it was just a bunch of random people at the very beginning. Look at us now! An amazing motley crew, people with all kinds of different backgrounds, life experiences and what not. You’d say we must have gotten wiser but I’d still say we are learning on the go 💪🏻

Why did you join Wolt and what makes you stay at Wolt? 
This is a funny one: Marianne (our VP of New Markets) approached me on LinkedIn, saying we are building this new thing called Wolt, we are now opening Prague chapter. Asked if I wanted to join, could be cool, as I had nothing to lose so let’s have a chat. At the time, no one had a clue what’s going on. I joined as a Support Associate, having no idea what can happen next. I gave it a shot, it seemed like a nice part-time job during my university studies, some random Finnish company with weird name and blue colour 💙 Well, some lucky decisions were made and here I am, almost 3 years later, doing the stuff I love. Couldn’t be luckier!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join Wolt?
If all the stuff I listed above does not persuade you to fill in the form, write a nice resume and apply, then I don’t know what can. We are doers, we love food, we love to have fun and do meaningful work. Apply and see you at the interview! 👋🏻

Which Wolt country is on the top of your bucket list and why? 🌏
Japaaan! 🇯🇵 So exotic, far away, so different. Also many other things food related (I would literally LOVE to try all of that ramen. And sushi. Aaaand why am I drooling again?!) 🤤

And finally, what is your ‘must try’ dish on Wolt?
I’m a sucker for good Vietnamese food and very few venues offer something I want to try out. So Phở vịt với bánh quẩy is a duck soup with crunchy fried rolls and oh my goodness, the heaven!


So if you’re keen to find out what happens behind the scenes of one of Europe’s fastest growing start ups, come join Vedad and our super cool Czech team! Check out our live jobs today – we can confirm there’s plenty of hands-on learning, awesome colleagues and plenty of good vibes 😎💙