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Creating Responsive Layouts with WoltResponsiveLayoutGrid: A CoffeeMaker Demo App

In the previous post, we had an introduction to the Wolt Responsive Layout Grid library and explained the technical implementation details of its components. In this post, we will demonstrate the power of the library in creating dynamic and adaptive layouts for the CoffeeMaker demo application.

Wolt Responsive Layout Grid: A Solution for Adaptive and Consistent Multi-Platform Layouts

Wolt Responsive Layout Grid library introduces the Flutter implementation of Material Design's responsive layout grid. It is an open-source project that provides a unified, multi-platform grid system that ensures consistency and visual integrity regardless of the device or operating system being used. In this series of blog posts, we will explore the key features and benefits of this library, along with a showcase demo application.

How to develop quality products

At Wolt we believe everyone is a tester and everyone should think like a user. This way we ensure that we're building high quality products that provide customers with exactly what they need. In this blog we'll deep-dive into what actually is quality and how we think about developing high quality products at Wolt.

Improving Latency by Demystifying Node.js DNS Resolution

At Wolt, we strive to build excellence and understand the importance of providing our users with a lightning-fast experience. Users appreciate quick responses, and any delay, no matter how small, can result in lost conversions. That's why we're excited to share our journey of how we improved the latency of our web app

Six things I enjoy the most about working at Wolt 

High ownership, a strong spirit of collaboration and growing together with Wolt... In this blog post our Engineering Team Lead Carolina shares the highlights of what she enjoys the most about working at Wolt.

How to build happy and productive remote-first teams

Remote work doesn't need to mean lonely work. That's what Helena, our Head of Technical Support believes. In this blog she shares the story of how we've built and scaled a remote-first team that's not just distributed remotely over nine countries, but is also one of our happiest teams at Wolt.

From biotech to Python with Ada  — the journey of a software engineer

Our engineering team builds the technologies powering Wolt, involving the full lifecycle of our products from release to maintenance. Our...

Diving into the world of Product with Sissi Ye, Director of Product at Wolt

Our product team acts as the voice of our customers, making sure we build outstanding products, consistently. Product leads at...

Rainbow Alliance, Women in Tech and welcoming our DEI lead — here’s the latest on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Wolt

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to summarize where we are on our DEI journey and on the progress we’ve made in promoting gender equality and DEI overall at Wolt. Read on to learn more!

Our hybrid & remote working set up for product teams at Wolt

Working in distributed, autonomous teams enables us to work effectively together and provide great results, even when remote or hybrid. That's why we believe in supporting hybrid and remote working for our product teams at Wolt. Find out what this means in practice.