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Coding remotely – Tips and truths from Mila

In this blog post, our backend engineer Mila sheds light on how it is to work remotely at Wolt.

From Interns to Designers: Meet Samu & Sofia

What would we do without designers? Our designers support our teams bringing to life Wolt’s products; from simplifying complex systems...

Accessibility on

Wolt serves customers across 23 countries around the world. We make it our priority to design and engineer our products in a way that they are usable by anyone, anywhere. To ensure this, there are many things we take into consideration in our daily work, one of them being accessibility.

Trust and beyond: designing for online retail experience

People often ask about the design of our Wolt app and the secret to maintaining high ratings over the years. To provide a glimpse into our design process, here's a case study on how we designed a retail feature called weight-based items.

Policymakers + Product developers = 💙

At Wolt, technology is at the core of everything we do. There are currently more than 500 people working in...

How we do technical interviews at Wolt

At Wolt, the whole engineering team focuses on a fair, realistic, and ambitious recruitment process with a take-home task as a key ingredient.

Launching and revamping one of Wolt’s most beloved features

You might know that in the autumn of 2015, Wolt launched its first delivery orders in Helsinki. What many people...

We’re building new tech hubs to Stockholm and Tel Aviv – and we want you to join our team 💙

I’m so happy that I can finally share the news with you, and officially kick off our recruitment. We’ve just...

Security level-up: Wolt receives the certificate for ISO 27001 Standard

“Is Wolt ISO 27001 certified?” is something we’ve been asked many times, and especially when negotiating with new partners and...

Optimizing SSR Memory Usage on

Traffic to our consumer web app,, has grown steadily, and over the years, we have taken gradual steps to...