Smoothies on the go-go

Smoothies can save days, weeks and probably even lives. Full of vitamins, nutrients and superfoods. Even just one cup of that magical elixir fills you up and helps you power through the day.

Start your morning with a smoothie, order one for your afternoon pick-me-up or have a light dinner – smoothies are always there for you.

The list is not in any particular order, so just start from the first one and try them all out!



Blender is a true smoothie kingdom which has 5 castles all over the city, so you always have an easy access to the potions near you. Blender offers also superfood smoothies which contain ingredients such as maca, spirulina, sea buckthorn, goji berries, ashwagandha etc. All the good stuff!

Super food smoothies 5 €. 



Newly renovated restaurant has a totally new face and soul. Concentrating on healthy lifestyle, Kadriorg is offering smoothies in 2 ways – in a bowl and as a drink to go. They are opening their doors at 8.30 in the morning, just in time for your morning smoothie!

Super food smoothies 4,5 €.

Kohvik KesKus


Located exactly in the center of the city, KesKus will help you out in any situation. For example after a party where you really wanted to eat something, but still had to think about those waist numbers, KesKus is open until 4 on the weekends. Why eat fries when you can have smoothies?

Berry smoothie 3,5 €.



NOP is the ultimate brunch spot where you would like to sit down after a lovely walk in the park on a Saturday. NOP smoothies are filled with fresh ingredients straight from Estonian farms and forests.

Yellow gold 5 €.

SIIN take-away


Another early birds nest in Telliskivi, SIIN is greeting it’s guests from already 7am. Go and visit SIIN after your morning workout or as your afternoon pick-me-up.

Green smoothie 4 €.

Bon appetit!