Alex Chang – the guy who rented bikes to be a Wolt courier partner

You have probably seen a lot of Wolt courier partners driving around the city on bicycles with their bags full of yummy food ready to arrive to a hungry customers doorstep. One of them is Canadian born student Alex Chang.

Why on earth should a Canadian work as a courier partner in Tallinn? Let’s find out why Alex joined Wolt, how he’s renting bikes to work and what he thinks about his job in the capital of Estonia.
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Came to Estonia for work experience

Alex came to Estonia a year ago to work for AIESEC, the world’s largest non-profit youth-run organization, as a Director of Marketing and Exchange Operations. When he’s year was almost finished he decided to pick up another job to support his new adventures.

We asked Alex “Why Wolt?” and his answer was quick to come. “I just got curious over the year, because a saw a lot of cyclists in the city wearing blue and biking around for work. Only recently when my year in Estonia was almost over, I needed a little bit of money for my next adventure, I decided to join Wolt. Long story short – I really enjoyed it and got some exercise in also!”

We always encourage people to join us, even if it’s for a short amount of time. It can be amazing experience to work as a courier partner with a bike or with a car. It’s all about the attitude that you carry with you. Our aim is to be the one app for the food in which ever city you are located. Having a positive and enthusiastic courier partner to deliver the food is one step closer to that vision.

Signing up as a courier partner is hassle free

Signup on the website, come to an orientation and work the next day! “It really surprised me how quick the process was. I remember the operations manager Nikolai telling us in the training that if you would like to start working tomorrow, you can. The process was hassle free, quick and I was ready to hit the streets the next day!”

img_4657Rented bikes to work at Wolt

There was something little bit different about Alex’s working style as a courier partner. The thing is, Alex didn’t own a bike nor was he planning to buy one only a month away from flying to his next destination.

“I did my research and stumbled upon a company called Sixt bike rentals. Every half an hour is for free and every hour they charge you 1 €. So I tried to give the bike back in every 30 min between my shifts.”

Alex said it’s all about time management. If he only had a half an hour window and that’s either a pick-up on a restaurant or drop-off or two, he just had to decide what he can do in that time. He also had 3 apps always open in his phone – Wolt, Google Maps and the bike app.

3 h shift with Wolt means returning bike to the station ~10 times

“Yes, I just used and abused the bike system to work at Wolt. It was a bit stressful but also a lot of fun, because I’m conciously breaking the system a bit and for the most part I was pretty successful at it.” Only last week he got talked to by somebody from Sixt. He didn’t return the bike to a specific station, so they charged him 20 €, but most of the times, they got along well. As a smart guy once said, if there is a will, there is a way!

Recommending this job to anybody with a doer attitude!

We asked Alex if he would recommend this job to his friends. We let his words speak to you: “Definitely! Wolt courier partner job is very flexible, you can work whenever you want. You can choose your own schedule and basically be your own boss. Who doesn’t want to be that?”

Alex is now leaving Estonia with awesome experiences from two jobs, many memories and lifelong friends to take with him.

We would like to thank Alex for his short but sweet contribution to Wolt and wish him all the best in his next adventures – this time he is heading to Beijing for an internship!

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