Thank you for the feedback! You can now tip the courier on Wolt in Finland

In the past few weeks, we have received numerous requests about one thing in particular: would it be possible to thank the courier by leaving a tip through the Wolt app?

Good news – we have now added a tipping option to Wolt! You can leave a tip in the checkout, below the payment method:

Thank you for the feedback! You can now tip the courier on Wolt in Finland

100 percent of the tip goes directly to the courier. Tips are purely extra income for the courier, and tipping will never be used as a reason to lower the couriers’ earnings, for instance. Wolt covers all transaction fees. (For technical reasons, only pre-tipping is enabled at the moment.)

There are four main reasons for introducing courier tipping in Finland: couriers have requested it. Customers have requested it. We consulted courier activists and they have welcomed the feature. And lastly, courier tipping is already in use in several Wolt countries.

Tipping is not customary in Finland, and this is something that has provoked a lot of discussion at Wolt. Is it a good idea to introduce courier tipping? Will it work in Finland? However, we felt that the situation at hand is reason enough to introduce courier tipping in Finland, too. Of course, we are happy to hear any thoughts our customers and courier partners might have on this!

PS. The courier cannot see the names of customers who have left a tip. We are not trying to pressure anyone into leaving a tip, we only want to offer the option to those who feel comfortable with it.