How I became a Wolt’er

Wolt announces the launch of its blog

First time I came across Wolt was in the late August. Autumn winds were starting to blow heavily and leaves to change colour. As was my mood towards going to the grocery store daily to prepare my own meals, as I usually did during the summer.


My previous experience with food delivery services (sidenote: narrowing Wolt down for being just a food delivery provider would be a huge mistake!) had been average to say the most. So far I had only ordered pizza by calling a number I had saved on my phone. Two out of five times the dispatcher, with not the sunniest personality, usually answered “WHAT?!”, after I had woken her up from a good night’s sleep. I avoided home delivery services just because I didn’t like the experience. Also I didn’t feel like waking up the sleeping beauty (or the beast, one can choose himself).

Coming back to how I discovered Wolt. Like most of the news about the latest events happening around the world, I came across Wolt through Facebook. One of my friends had shared his promo code, offering me 10€ off my next order. Just for creating an account and entering the code! Wow, this looks like what Uber has been doing, I thought… And I love Uber! I decided to give it a try. My first order was from a really good Thai restaurant, Krua on the 22’nd of August (yes, I just scrolled through my numerous orders to find the exact date), and I was amazed. The food was hot(!), delivery guy polite and all I had to do, was sit on my couch and wait for it to arrive at my door. After I had finished my lunch, I liked Wolt’s Facebook page and forgot about it for a while… okay, actually for a day.

Already on the next day I noticed a job advertisement, again on Facebook, saying that Tallinn’s office is looking for an intern. I thought about it for a couple of minutes, after already finding myself filling out the application.

Full disclosure: I’m a second year Technology Governance Master’s student in Tallinn University of Technology, also I happen to love food and eating out in good restaurants. This was bound to happen.


The next moment I was sitting in a Reval Cafe, on the 0 floor of Radisson Hotel Blu, central Tallinn, couple of hundred meters away from my future workplace. I had gone through job interviews before, don’t get me wrong. For some reason, I was still feeling quite nervous. I wanted this internship really bad! “What if they think I’m too young for this, or what if they tell me to finish my university studies before applying, oh god…” I was sipping my coffee and waiting the clock to turn 3pm. All my worries vanished after meeting Jessie, one of the most relaxed people I’ve ever met. We had a lovely chat about what I had been up to until this day, about my interests and why I would be a good addition to team Wolt. I guess I did pretty good, because after one more meeting, this time with Matias, I was offered the position.

Now, writing this post exactly 2 months after my first order, I couldn’t be happier about joining the team blue. Wolt is not just a food delivery provider, it is a paradigm changer. We change the way people consume food, as Uber changed the way people get from a place A to a place B. I have once again learned that the most important thing is to think differently, to think boldly and do your best while providing a product or service.

People are said to think about food over 200 times a day (I had to search for that through numerous postings, that offered different answers to how many times does a man think about sex, FYI it varied from every 7 seconds to 2 hours) and consume food 2-6 times a day in average. Eating is the most important job, actually the only job that feeds (literally)!

My journey with Wolt has been full of learning, making our customers and partners happy, in addition to working together with inspiring and energetic people, who also share the love for technology and good food.