Wolt is testing the “no-standing-in-line” restaurant concept of the future at Slush – at 1,200 dishes per hour

If you happen to be at Slush, do check out the three cool restaurants we are doing there. They are the stuff of the future.

You see, in a normal fast food restaurant, a significant part of the staff receives orders and charges the customers for them. They also make sure the kitchen gets the orders.

Not at Wolt’s Slush places.

Wolt x North Bowl looks like yummy^2. And you get it without standing in line.

Wolt has worked closely with the restaurants A21 and New York Ninja by Richard McCormick. Together, we’re providing the more than 15,000 people of the Slush crowd with three venues where all you need is a couple taps, and your order is on its way.

What happens at the restaurant next is something special: Literally no one is receiving orders. No one is handling payments.

There’s only people putting the orders on a plate and people handing them out to hungry customers or bringing them to the table.

There’s a screen in the kitchen connected to the Wolt backend. That screen simply shows what needs to be put together in the next two minutes. Maybe 15 rice bowls with salmon and 4 with organic tofu.

As a customer, you get an instant estimate on when the order is ready. You can roam Slush free as a bird and pick your meal when it’s done.

A21’s Matti Santala and Wolt’s Juho Uitti going through the new restaurant concept on Tuesday at Messukeskus, a day before Slush. The event venue is being put together in the background.

Elias Pietilä, our head of client-facing products, was super excited about this when I talked with him.

Elias compares this to the normal hamburger chain joint, where they can do a maximum of 400–500 orders per hour.

“In Wolt’s places, we serve slowly-cooked BBQ beef or smoked salmon, and we can still do up to 1,200 disher per hour. That’s insane.”

Elias has developed the concept with four other Wolt employees, but:

“Everything has been designed together with the restaurant staff and owners. Super excited to see how this works in practice.”

You can get this dish at Wolt x North Grill, near the Slush North Entrance.

Hope to see you trying the restaurants of the future at Slush!

The menus go as follows:

Wolt x North Grill (A21 / Demo Area – takeaway – 10 €)Open sandwich filled with smoky BBQ beef or pulled oats. Classic pickled cucumber & fresh romaine salad. Perfected with Nordic lingonberry chili & special smoked aioli. 

Wolt x North Bowl (A21 / Northern Entrance – takeaway – 12 €)Lappish potato puree with tasty slowly cooked beef, smoked salmon or pulled oats. Nordic lingonberry-chili sauce, forest apple compote and special smoked aioli. Topped with marinated red cabbage and herbs.

Wolt x New York Ninja (Richard McCormick / Meeting Area – at the table orders only – 16 €)flamed salmon or organic tofu with Tokyo Gold, avocado, watermelon radish, furikake and ginger. 

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