You can now use Wolt to pre-order your meal – hours or even days in advance!

Today, Wolt is launching a whole new feature. It’s something that’s been asked for for months – the ability to pre-order. Pre-ordering means you can explicitly state when you want to pick up your order or have it delivered – be it a matter of a few hours from now or even days!

This is how it works

The following image shows how pre-ordering works in the app:

This is how pre-ordering works.

Pre-ordering is the perfect way to get lunch for the whole team at an office meeting and make sure it gets there right on time. Or maybe you want your dinner to arrive exactly 15 minutes after you get home from work. Pre-order is also awesome for those pre-parties, lazy Saturdays or Sundays that you spent tired from last night out.

For the new customer – 8 € discount on your first pre-order!

Do try this out now! If you haven’t yet tried Wolt or used a promo code, try typing in


in your Wolt app profile in the “Insert promo code” bit. This gets you 8 euros off your first pre-order! This code is only valid for a few days, so act now.

Flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s? Only with pre-order!

Pre-order Valentine’s flowers for that special someone  – you’ll get a free heart-shaped box of chocolates on top!

On next Tuesday, Feb 14th, it’s Valentine’s Day. For this, Wolt is opening a flower + chocolate shop in Helsinki on Wednesday, Feb 8th. It’s called Ystävänpäivän kukkakauppa.

From this venue, you can order something extra nice for your friend: a rose (10 €), some tulips (15 €) or other flower bouquets (25–50 €). The first 200 orders will get a heart-shaped Geisha box of chocolates by Fazer. Pre-order only, Valentine’s Day only! You can choose any time for delivery between 11 am and 8 pm, just as long is it’s on Feb 14th.

Please update your app – and other notes on pre-order

  • If you don’t see the pre-order functionality after choosing the order type (delivery, takeaway, eat in), please update your Wolt app! Pre-order works on iPhone, Android and
  • In Finland, pre-order works in every restaurant in Turku and Tampere and almost every one in Helsinki. The rest are added to the service by the end of February. In Estonia, all the restaurants are on board with pre-order. In Sweden we have a few dozen available for pre-order and the rest are joining in the upcoming weeks.
  • You can pre-order to a maximum of one week ahead (today + six full calendar days). On the other hand, you can pre-order to a minimum of 30 minutes ahead for pickup and 60 minutes of home-delivery. These time limits might become a bit longer if there’s rush on our service. The app will always show the most up to date information.

This is how we built the pre-order feature

If you’re into coding, product dev or UX design, it’s probably worth reading this blog post. It goes in-depth on the challenges our product team and designers were solving in bringing pre-order into life.

That’s it for this time – laters!