The new Discovery view for Wolt is here, and it really helps you find great meals

The coolest new Wolt thing in a long while is here. It’s a view called Discovery, and our product team has been working on it day and night.

What’s this about?

You access the Discovery view (pictured above through selecting the leftmost tab at the bottom of the screen. The view has a whole new layout featuring multiple ways to discover and get great meals.

For example: There is now a carousel of large banners at the top of the screen. They feature new restaurants, campaigns and discount deals. These banners might also link to something called articles.

Articles are a new in-app thing. In an article, we might – for example – list 3 delicious burgers in your city. These have meal-specific pictures with direct links to the restaurant itself.

Below the top banner we have smaller carousels of popular restaurants, new venues or places that have value meals. We also now have an easy way to go through categories such as “sushi”, “Mexican”, “vegetarian” or “wings.”

At the bottom we offer a fast path to order again from where you last ordered: “Order again”.

We’re here to help you choose

In cities with more than a few dozen Wolt restaurants, we offer even more help for your quest for the perfect meal. There are categories such as “Lunch near you” or “Secretly popular”. The latter features places that have loyal customers but that are not the most popular sales-wise – yet.

We also have an algorithm that recommends venues just for you, based on your earlier purchases. These can be found in – duh – “Recommended for you”.

PS. If you liked the old “Delivery” and “Pick-up” views, not to worry! They’re still waiting for you as separate tabs, accessible for you from right there at the bottom.