Yez we haz gifs – and you can use them in your Instagram Stories!

The most important gif project of this autumn is done. From idea to launch in two weeks. And it all was done for you!

Last week, we got an idea. It was quite stupid, so we decided to act fast. After a few calls, we had formed our gif team for the gif round #1. This week, we all met at Wolt HQ for one day with a simple brief: let’s make as many silly gifs about food and Wolt as possible. We ended up creating 40–50 animated gifs in a couple of hours. Now all of them are available for you on Instagram.

How these gifs can be used on Instagram

  1. Open Instagram (these instructions are for the mobile app)
  2. Start creating a story (the camera icon on the top left corner)
  3. Take a photo or video
  4. Tap the smiley icon in the top row
  5. A sheet opens from the bottom: then tap the gif button
  6. Type in “wolt” or “food delivery” or something similar, and you start seeing nice gifs
  7. Add some gifs to your story
  8. Publish!!!

Here a some snapshots from the Wolt gif collection

…and many more on Instagram!

Thank you for our winning gif team:

  • Eino Korkala, freelancing gif hermit focusing mainly on drawing letters
  • Mikko Antikainen, creative gif motion director at Über Creative
  • Aino Salo, gif designer and gif illustrator at Wolt
  • Mia Lavanti, gif manager at Wolt
  • Aku Siukosaari, father of gif usage at Wolt
  • Mika Matikainen, gif janitor at Wolt

If you’d like to see more woltsy gifs on Instagram or in our customer support communication, please post your suggestions below. We really would like to make 1,000,000 gifs more for you, so if you have a good idea, we might actually do it for you!