We’ve been keeping (food) secrets from you, Stockholm

Wolt announces the launch of its blog

You see, we know things.

We work with over 100 restaurant partners – so we always know what is happening where, which restaurants are the newest and hottest on the scene, and who just updated their menu to what.

We have a pretty incredible tech team, so we know all of the hip tech trends before they even come out (you know, because our devs are actually sitting in Helsinki as we speak thinking them up from scratch).

We know all about the hottest jobs (because from courier to developer to marketing manager we’ve been publishing them weekly).

And we’ve kept this to ourselves….until now.

Stockholm – meet the Wolt blog. This is the home of all things food, all things tech, and the place to find out about all the inner-secrets of what’s happening in our city. We’ll keep you guessing, keep you on your toes, and most importantly keep you on trend in the foodie techie space.

We’re here to use our insider knowledge to help you to discover the hottest food from the newest places, the coolest trends in both food and tech, and the freshest things coming out of Stockholm each week.

Stay tuned for mouth-watering, earth-shattering, life-altering goodness.

(Coming to a browser near you.)