Lactose free: it’s hard to be

It's hard to be lactose free

Lactose intolerant people, you have no idea what you’re missing….

A grilled cheese sandwich, to empathise with lactose intolerant people

Or worse, you do. Cheese! I mean…come on.

Tantrum because little girl can't eat cheese

Just kidding, we have several friends who have discovered that they are lactose intolerant. But, what first came as a big blow to them have actually been more of a blessing in disguise over time. The requirement of knowing what you eat have made people more interested in food.

However, most of our friends tell us that avoiding dairy products is most challenging when eating out, requiring special dishes and extra instructions. Some feel awkward about it, like creating extra work and hence, being an inconvenience… Stop. Right. There.

Being lactose intolerant does not prevent you from exploring the food scene in Stockholm! Below you find a top 10 lactose free meals to order on Wolt. And so instead of trying to decode whether you can find something lactose free to order, you can go back to giving Netflix your full attention.

It's hard to be lactose free

The lactose free list:

Dr Mat Sesam och Misolax
Foam Asian Chicken / Tuna Delux
Ai Ramen Tonkutsu
Noodle Mama Sobanudelbowl med kyckling
Mister French Plateau
Italiana Rigatoni con salsiccia
Tony’s Pizza No. 6, Pasta No. 1, Sallad No. 2
Bamboo Garden Oxfile Sichuan Style
Mama yes Spicy Tuna
Galinas No 5, No 4 och Veganpizza

Still haven’t tried us? and type in the promo code LAKTOSFRI and you’ll get 100 kr off your first order!

Helpful hint: restaurants are busy places. I’d always write “lactose free” in my comment to the restaurant – just to give them that extra reminder.