Sharing just got even more caring!

We are improving our referral system. Let us introduce the Wolt token. Each Token is worth a free standard delivery. You will earn Wolt Tokens every time someone signs up using your Wolt code.

Earning Wolt Tokens works like this:
Share your Wolt code on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, or just tell it to your friends.
When a friend signs up with your code, they get 3 Wolt Tokens. Each Token is worth a free standard delivery!
Every time your friend makes a delivery order, you get one Wolt Token. All the way up to three Tokens per friend!
Check out your code in your Wolt profile. The cool thing is, you can customise that code once and make it more personal (as long as that particular code word is still available!).

What is this “standard delivery” that a Token gives me?
A “standard delivery” means a Wolt home delivery without a long-distance delivery surcharge, or a small order surcharge. If you have one of these two surcharges in your order, you’ll pay for them normally, and the Token covers the rest of the delivery fee. In Sweden, a Token covers the standard fee of 49 SEK

How many Tokens can I earn by sharing my Wolt code?
Infinitely many! Sign up 100 friends, for example, and earn up to 300 free deliveries. That should get you through the year.

Is this the end of Wolt credits?
Nope, you can still have Wolt credits, and we might still do promo codes with credits every now and then. It’s the referral program (where you share your own code) that we’re switching to Tokens.

What happens to my old code that used to give me credits?
The code stays the same! Your credits that you already earned also stay the same. However, people who sign up with your code today will start getting Tokens, and for whom you’ll start getting Tokens for.

I checked my promo code in the app, but it’s still talking about credits, not Tokens. What’s up?
First, please update your app. That should do it. If that’s not the case, we have not rolled out Wolt Tokens in your country just yet. We’re aiming to do it everywhere by the end of March, 2017.

Sounds good to me, but why are you Wolt guys doing the switch from credits to these Tokens and free deliveries? Thanks for asking! We’ve noticed that once people do a couple orders, they start noticing how Wolt makes your day better, helps you discover and get great meals and gives you your time back. That’s why we rather give a new user several free deliveries than only support the first order with credits.
Three Tokens are also worth more than what the credits in the old system, so this is definitely a change for the better!