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Turning on the lights in the Dark Stores — engineering behind Wolt Market

In 2020 we launched Wolt Market, our approach to quick commerce. This blog is all about the engineering behind our Wolt Market journey.

How to reduce JVM docker image size

If your JVM based app docker images take more than 400MB, with this easy guide you can dramatically reduce the image size by at least 2/3.

Scala at Wolt – Technical Decisions (Part II)

Scala is one the core technologies we use for backend services at Wolt. Let’s talk about technical decisions and the practicalities of how we're building up our Scala Organization.

Scala at Wolt: Our Scala Organization (Part I)

Scala is one the core technologies we use for backend services. In this blog we'll dive deeper into how we're building a Scala organization at Wolt.

Expandable text with “read more” action in Android — not an easy task

At Wolt, user interfaces in consumer applications are highly valued. Not only does a good UI design deliver a modern...

We’re building a tech hub in Berlin — join us for a delightful journey 🚀

We’ve just opened our shiny, new Wolt office in one of the up-and-coming areas of Berlin, Friedrichshain. And we’re looking...

Starting my career at Wolt — meet HyeSoo from Engineering

Our 2022 internship roles are open! In this blog we’ll hear from HyeSoo who joined Wolt as an intern last year and stayed with us ever since in a permanent role as a front-end developer.

Why a Data Platform? The role of Data & Insights at Wolt

Data Platforms are an essential part of modern businesses. They enable reporting, low friction decision making, and if used correctly, can power very advanced data products in a compliant and traceable manner. Let us take you from the role of data at Wolt, through the data journey we’ve had so far and finish with a peek into what the future of this discipline may look like...

Professional-grade mypy configuration

Type hints are an essential part of modern Python. Type hints are the enabler for clever IDEs, they document the code,...

Kristian’s journey from junior engineer to competence lead at Wolt

Hello, who are you? 👋🏻 My name is Kristian: I’m a software engineer from a small beautiful place called the...