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Accessibility on Wolt.com

Wolt serves customers across 23 countries around the world. We make it our priority to design and engineer our products in a way that they are usable by anyone, anywhere. To ensure this, there are many things we take into consideration in our daily work, one of them being accessibility.

How we do technical interviews at Wolt

At Wolt, the whole engineering team focuses on a fair, realistic, and ambitious recruitment process with a take-home task as a key ingredient.

Optimizing SSR Memory Usage on wolt.com

Traffic to our consumer web app, wolt.com, has grown steadily, and over the years, we have taken gradual steps to...

Datadog region migration at Wolt

In this blog post we’ll share about our Datadog region migration at Wolt — what were the tricks we used for the migration, how we overcame problems in the process and tips for those who might be working on a similar migration.

Mia’s career switch from campaigns to coding

Happy International Programmer’s Day! To mark the occasion, we wanted to share our Software Engineer Mia’s journey, who switched up her career from marketing to engineering a few years ago.

Wolt loves open-source software

At Wolt, we're huge fans of open source software. Especially our data and machine learning engineering stack consists in large part of open sources like Airflow, Datahub, Flyte and Seldon-core. In this blog we'll discuss how we think about contributing to open source and our framework for picking projects to be added to our stack.

Introducing a project template for modern Python packages

We open sourced a project template for modern Python packages. In this blog post, we describe what it contains and discuss the choices made while developing it.

How to use Event Storming for effective team collaboration

Event Storming is a great method for aligning and working effectively with your team. Let's see how to run a successful session.

Behind the scenes of Wolt Hackathon 2022

In June we had our second ever Wolt Hackathon in the picturesque Nuuksio national park. Here's what our teams hacked.

Turning on the lights in the Dark Stores — engineering behind Wolt Market

In 2020 we launched Wolt Market, our approach to quick commerce. This blog is all about the engineering behind our Wolt Market journey.