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Enhancing User Experience with Advanced Image Formats

Efficient image delivery lies at the heart of successful online experiences. It affects both user engagement and search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. In early 2021, we identified a need to expand beyond our conventional JPEG encoding service and began to explore more innovative image processing solutions.

Scaling the Wolt Merchant App to Serve 30x More Users

In this blog post, you'll learn how we scaled our new Wolt Merchant app backend.

Type safe data access with jOOQ and Kotlin

In this article you will learn how to access your data in a truly type safe manner with jOOQ and Kotlin using forced types.

An overview of the multi-page scrollable bottom sheet UI design

In this blog post, we'll explore the foundational design decisions that guide the WoltModalSheet's functionality. More specifically, we'll focus on how we designed the bottom sheet.

Behind the scenes of Wolt Hackathon 2023

Take a peek at what happened behind the scenes of Wolt Hackathon 2023!

How to build a good API with Kotlin

A well designed API can save you plenty of time later in development. Here's how to build a good API with Kotlin.

From Polling to WebSockets: Improving Order Tracking User Experience

Where is my order? Is the app stuck? Even when everything else in an application is polished, the user experience might be far from delightful if the information on the screen rarely updates. In this blog post you'll get insights on how we have improved order tracking user experience at Wolt.

Creating Responsive Layouts with WoltResponsiveLayoutGrid: A CoffeeMaker Demo App

In the previous post, we had an introduction to the Wolt Responsive Layout Grid library and explained the technical implementation details of its components. In this post, we will demonstrate the power of the library in creating dynamic and adaptive layouts for the CoffeeMaker demo application.

Wolt Responsive Layout Grid: A Solution for Adaptive and Consistent Multi-Platform Layouts

Wolt Responsive Layout Grid library introduces the Flutter implementation of Material Design's responsive layout grid. It is an open-source project that provides a unified, multi-platform grid system that ensures consistency and visual integrity regardless of the device or operating system being used. In this series of blog posts, we will explore the key features and benefits of this library, along with a showcase demo application.

Improving wolt.com Latency by Demystifying Node.js DNS Resolution

At Wolt, we strive to build excellence and understand the importance of providing our users with a lightning-fast experience. Users appreciate quick responses, and any delay, no matter how small, can result in lost conversions. That's why we're excited to share our journey of how we improved the latency of our web app wolt.com.