A day in the life of Mert


👋🏻 Mert Atalay
😍 Childhood dream job: Football Coach
💼 Current role: Trainer, Support
⏰ Works part-time / studies part-time
💙 Joined Wolt in October 2020


Tell us about your current role and what a typical work day looks like
I always start the day with my coffee ☕️ And then, depending on the knowledge level, I train the new team members with new tasks they need to learn as Support Associate. However, at 2pm it’s break time and that is not to be missed! I order my food from, take three guesses…Wolt!

What has Wolt taught you that has contributed to your career development?
Wolt has taught me proactivity and to always think outside the box. Nothing is set in stone here, so if you really want to, you can make a lot of things happen. You can have a say and contribute ideas that are always warmly welcomed.

What is the most challenging thing about your role? And what about most rewarding?
Learning how to be patient can very challenging at times, but then to see the new starter eventually learn and understand all the tasks is very satisfying!

What keeps you productive throughout a shift?
The team atmosphere 💙 When your team is motivated and team-oriented, it automatically makes you more productive.

In your opinion, what are the core skills needed to succeed in your role? 💪🏻
Patience, motivation, empathy! And being in a very collaborative role it requires being extroverted while having good knowledge of how support works at Wolt.

In such a fast paced and hyper growth environment, what’s your secret to maintaining a balance between work and personal life?
On one hand, you can always allocate time for yourself personally and on the other, Wolt becomes your “family”.

And finally, what’s your favourite Wolt order? 🍽
Cocolo Ramen Mitte


So if you’re keen to find out what happens behind the scenes of one of Europe’s fastest growing start ups, come join Mert and our super cool support team! Check out our live jobs today – we can confirm there’s plenty of coffee supply, awesome colleagues and plenty of good vibes 😎💙