A day in the life of Emma Jane


👋🏻 Emma Jane
😍 Childhood dream job: Air hostess (until I learned that I hate flying)
💼 Current role: Support Associate & Trainer
⏰ Works full-time
💙 Joined Wolt in March 2021


Tell us about your current role and what a typical work day looks like
Currently I am working as a Support Associate but am now learning to become a trainer which is an incredibly exciting new aspect to my life at Wolt! There is truly not a very ‘typical’ day that I can explain because your shifts vary from evening to day time, your positions can vary too, so it can be something quite different each day. This is also what I really enjoy about it.

What has Wolt taught you that has contributed to your career development?
To not get in the way of myself. When I first started at Wolt, I was incredibly nervous and intimidated by the new aspects of the job that I had never dealt with, and in those moments I can very quick lose confidence in myself. But during my time at Wolt, through having incredibly encouraging and patient coworkers and managers, I have really learned to have more faith in my abilities and also not limit myself to what I think I can and cannot do. Wolt is a wonderful place for encouraging growth and has helped me really expand my horizons in terms of believing in myself and my own abilities.

What is the most challenging thing about your role? And what about most rewarding?
Most challenging thing is knowing how to balance everything together. Such as learning a whole new world of tech and communication systems to also learning how to multitasking and problem solve in time sensitive and demanding situations, whilst trying to give each customer the best support that you can.

However, the most rewarding part is having really cute conversations with our customers! There are honestly times when I have been sitting at my desk giggling from a really sweet or funny conversation with a customer. In the end this job is essentially just interacting with people. And these interactions at times may be difficult, but a lot of the time they are surprisingly great and can be genuine. I have had customers tell me that this has been one of the funniest conversations of their day. So especially in times when we are so isolated from each other, it’s really special to have these interactions with people and know you can make an impact on them as well 💙

What keeps you productive throughout a shift?
During our breaks at the office I would always go for a walk in Monbijoupark to clear my head and walk along the Spree, its beautiful and also a great way to feel reenergized during the day. Also, your shift leads are always your number one supporters and really motivating when it comes to making it through really busy or peak times throughout your shift. And of course in the office we have a set of speakers and good music always helps! 😎

In your opinion, what are the core skills needed to succeed in your role? 
An ability to remain calm when things get stressful – this is the best way to tackle tough multitasking situations. Also being an empathetic person who is good at reading situations and people as this helps you to figure out what is the best way to respond and communicate with the different variations of people you deal with everyday. Oh, and a sense of humour! 🤪

In such a fast paced and hyper growth environment, what’s your secret to maintaining a balance between work and personal life?
I don’t feel like my job has made me struggle too much with keeping these two separate. The one thing where I see my work life and personal life blending together is through developing friendships with coworkers, and communicating a lot more with them outside of shifts, and this is actually a really cute and special thing that I have really enjoyed about the Wolt community.

And finally, what’s your favourite Wolt order? 🍽
Ramen from Cocolo! Its my remedy for any tough situation, for example: youre hungover? Ramen. Heartbroken? Ramen. Lockdown has been extended again? Ramen. 🍜


So if you’re keen to find out what happens behind the scenes of one of Europe’s fastest growing start ups, come join Emma and our super cool support team! Check out our live jobs today – we can confirm there’s plenty of coffee supply, awesome colleagues and plenty of good vibes 😎💙