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Shifting from userless design to people-focused collaboration

I am a designer at Wolt – but let me stop you right there. While I work at the hip and cool food delivery app startup, my responsibilities lie somewhat in the dark.

Kuinka onnistuu hesalaisilta lihamuki – Wolt ja Döner Harju tuovat Lahden kansallisherkun pääkaupunkiin

Helsingin ravintolakentässä on ollut lahtelaisen keittiön mentävä aukko jo kymmeniä vuosia. Korjasimme tilanteen.

Shipping without bullshitting – design intern Kerkko has something to say

It was supposed to be a regular chat with a new staff member. It ended up being about onions, crappy design and the definition of good ol’ BS. Read on to learn how to minimize bull and why design alone isn’t magic.

Maksalaatikko, the heart and liver of design

We mangled a classic Finnish dish, liver casserole, through a set of modern design methods. Because we can.

From trends to methods and inspiration – 9 types of design resources we love at Wolt

We started the search for design interns at Wolt a couple months back, and wouldn’t have believed what followed. This article is our way of humbly thanking the awesome people who applied to work at Wolt.

The Scratch: How to reach the beginning?

A few words about the universe, apple pies and the joy of designing from scratch.

Design cultures don’t eat design breakfast

Like it or not – culture is all about work. This goes for designers too.

On the lookout for senior designers

Full disclosure to start with. The first draft of this blog post was titled “The Unbearable Lightness of Finding A New Designer”. Yes. Coming up with a good job ad is hard from the get-go. On top of being cringey, the initial headline made zero sense.

This is how you land a design internship at Wolt

Yes, we’re looking for talented interns to join our product team in Helsinki. In this article we’re giving you (yes, YOU!!!) a possibility to pick a few big design ideas and show how to use them to enhance an app or service of your choice. By doing this you’ll get a great chance of closing an internship at Wolt for the next summer!

Wanted: Summer 2018 engineering and design interns

Would you like to work with the latest and greatest in tech, building meaningful experiences with a hint of delight? We are looking for enthusiastic minds to help us build up Wolt products for everyone involved: our 500 000+ customers, 1000+ restaurants, and 1500+ courier partners.