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Maitsvad soovitused hommiku nautlejale ja põlgurile

Oled üks või teine, kindel on see, et hommikusöök on päeva tähtsaim söögikord! Tujuka hommikupõlgurina tee elu lihtsaks ja telli...

The perfect storm: The story of the city launch that brought Wolt down

This is a post about the engineering behind Wolt, where we share what it takes to deliver millions of meals...

The search is on: Engineering Interns 2019

Yez we haz gifs – and you can use them in your Instagram Stories!

Last week, we got an idea. It was quite stupid, so we decided to act fast.

12+1 podcasts to boost your creativity levels during lazy summer days

Wondering which podcasts to listen this summer? Don't worry, Wolt designers have you covered.

When AI met design – from mundane to magical

Here I, for one, welcome our new AI design overlords.

Connecting artificial intelligence with digital product design

TLDR: If you’re a designer, make one summer promise for yourself – familiarise yourself with AI over the summer. Read an article, read a book or go through some case studies. You will thank yourself later.

Shifting from userless design to people-focused collaboration

I am a designer at Wolt – but let me stop you right there. While I work at the hip and cool food delivery app startup, my responsibilities lie somewhat in the dark.

Kuinka onnistuu hesalaisilta lihamuki – Wolt ja Döner Harju tuovat Lahden kansallisherkun pääkaupunkiin

Helsingin ravintolakentässä on ollut lahtelaisen keittiön mentävä aukko jo kymmeniä vuosia. Korjasimme tilanteen.

Shipping without bullshitting – design intern Kerkko has something to say

It was supposed to be a regular chat with a new staff member. It ended up being about onions, crappy design and the definition of good ol’ BS. Read on to learn how to minimize bull and why design alone isn’t magic.