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Poyan, Wolt’s Courier app developer: “What drew me in is the emphasis the company puts on tech”

Wolt is investing in tech and expansion and hiring 1,000 people by the end of 2020 – a Q&A on our new funding

Today is a big day for our team, as we just announced that we’ve recently raised 137 million euros to...

Johann, Wolt’s logistics engineer: “The most difficult situations require me to be Sherlock Holmes – when the routing suddenly goes haywire”

Tatiana, the DevOps Queen at Wolt: “Haskell is the only beautiful thing in the world”

Did you know that Wolt’s tech stack is a lot broader than a single mobile app? We build all our...

Niilo, VP of Engineering: “I was a Typescript and React guy who joined Wolt because of the people. Now I’m scaling our whole engineering team.”

Solid state-of-the-art technology. That’s what Wolt’s food delivery is built on. Our Apple-awarded app makes it incredibly easy to discover...

Maitsvad soovitused hommiku nautlejale ja põlgurile

Oled üks või teine, kindel on see, et hommikusöök on päeva tähtsaim söögikord! Tujuka hommikupõlgurina tee elu lihtsaks ja telli...

The perfect storm: The story of the city launch that brought Wolt down

This is a post about the engineering behind Wolt, where we share what it takes to deliver millions of meals...

The search is on: Engineering Interns 2019

Yez we haz gifs – and you can use them in your Instagram Stories!

Last week, we got an idea. It was quite stupid, so we decided to act fast.

12+1 podcasts to boost your creativity levels during lazy summer days

Wondering which podcasts to listen this summer? Don't worry, Wolt designers have you covered.