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Wolt continues to stand with the people of Ukraine

Today, we reach the sad 1-year mark since Russia attacked Ukraine. We continue to stand with the people of Ukraine...

Policymakers + Product developers = 💙

At Wolt, technology is at the core of everything we do. There are currently more than 500 people working in...

We’re building new tech hubs to Stockholm and Tel Aviv – and we want you to join our team 💙

I’m so happy that I can finally share the news with you, and officially kick off our recruitment. We’ve just...

Security level-up: Wolt receives the certificate for ISO 27001 Standard

“Is Wolt ISO 27001 certified?” is something we’ve been asked many times, and especially when negotiating with new partners and...

Nordic couriers overwhelmingly prefer flexible work

At Wolt we run courier partner surveys every quarter to keep a finger on the pulse of the partners’ satisfaction...

To democratise tech, we need to demystify it

Have you ever wondered how a platform is able to facilitate thousands of deliveries from restaurants and stores to customers...

DoorDash + Wolt = one team

DoorDash + Wolt = one team 

Today, we finally get to say: the transaction has closed and we are officially one big team.

Couriers making their voices heard by EU policymakers

We invited courier partners from six European countries to Europe’s legislative capital – Brussels – to talk directly with policymakers.

At Wolt, we want Earth Day to be every day

Wolt has embarked on our sustainability journey by starting a global strategy that will help us understand and improve our impact on the environment, enhance how we support and empower individuals, and how we build a responsible world class business.